Social Research Methodology

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Survey is an extensive cross sectional approach, where a number of cases are considered at a particular time and the data is gathered to study the opinions, behavior, attitudes, habits, desires, values and beliefs etc. (the characteristics of certain population are studied).

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The Descriptive essay writings are least academic work which the candidates are going to work on during their writing classes. In this the candidates don’t have to do much of research, don’t have to rifle across through the sources and also you don’t have to concentrate on proving your point but you have to keep your focus on describing some special facts.

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The first step in conducting an interview is to think deeply about the problem and the process. Thinking about the problem may contains the following points. Number of questions in interview, Type of questions, Number of respondents, Fixing of time for interview, Length of interview, Area of interview and Main focus of interview.

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Structured interview means for which a pre-planned questions and answers are made or a guiding paper has made which is followed by the interviewer. While unstructured interview is that in which there exists no structure of already arranged questions but questions are asked by the interviewer in sport and the respondent gives answer.

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In any interview, interviewer is the person who explore and look in the mind to respondent for the desired information. Interviewer is the person who explore and look in the mind to respondent for the desired information. An effective interviewer is the combination of the several qualities.

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Every individual in our daily life meet with other and discuss something with him. This is the process of interview b/w interviewer and interviewee. The daily conversation b/w patient and doctor or student and teacher are the examples of interview. In interview the investigator and the respondents set together and they exist a face to face conversation b/w the two for a specific purpose.

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Focused group discussion is an approach which is used to collect relevant information about an issue from the respondents in a friendly meeting, who express their views openly. Focused group discussion consists of the following two panels. i.e. Research investigators, Informants or respondents.

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A schedule is a set of questions with structured answers to guide an observer interviewer, researcher or investigator. It is a plan or guide line for investigation. According to, Thomas Carson, the schedule is nothing but a list of questions which is necessary to test the hypothesis. In simple words schedule is a set of questions formulated and presented with specific purpose for testing an assumption or hypothesis.

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Following are the major part while preparing a questionnaire for research. Front page The questionnaire should have a front page with title and sub-title. It have the name of the investigator and the sponsoring organization or agency. Study and Consultation The investigator should have the relevant study of literature.

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Following are the qualities of a good questionnaire. The length of questionnaire should be proper one. The language used should be easy and simple. The term used are explained properly.The questions should be arranged in a proper way. The questions should be in logical manner. The questions should be in analytical form.


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