Humans are Social Animals, Relationship of Man and Society

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 08:49 -- Umar Farooq

Society is a group of people living together for a longer time fulfilling various needs of the people. Society is the product of social relationship among individuals. They come in contact with each other through the process of give and take. A human relationship exists for the fulfillment of human needs. Within a society therefore patterns of groups on the basis of likeness and differences. Humans are social animals dependent on society for food, protection, education, comfort and various other services which the society provides. People satisfy themselves fulfilling their needs and satisfying themselves being a member of the society.

The society fulfills the needs through relationship. So society has got human interactions. Interaction means the social relationship among members of the society and they are closely related and bounded together for the fulfillment of their needs. The society is organized by the process of interdependence among the groups and the institutions. Society is a permanent group and one can be a member throughout the life and society lives for an indefinite period for a never ending period.

As an ongoing system, each society must fulfill certain common needs. These needs are independent of the particular kind of society and are therefore, primary needs. They define the necessary conditions for the existence of any society irrespective of its location and time space. Those having to do with the individuals in society viewed as physical organisms. The first kind of needs arises from the fact that a society is composed of separate organisms. Without these organisms that is, without a population it could not exist anymore than an organism could exist without cells. It must provide nourishment to its population and must also take provision for the protection of the members against natural dangers and enemies.

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