What is Sociology | Definition of Sociology

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What is Sociology

The start of has been taken by the Greeks while they consider man as a social animals. Plato discussed sociology in his book “Republic” and Aristotle discussed sociology in his book “Ethics and Politics”. Among others like Francis Bacon, Hobbes, Ibn-e-Khaldun also contributed to sociology. The modern sociology was discovered by August Comte. According to him social evaluation went hard to hand with progress. He is considered as the founder of modern sociology. He called it “Social Physics”. The others, who followed him through their contributions in the field of sociology Herbert Spencer, Fredric Leplay, Sigmund Fraud and so on.

The term has been derived from two words. The Latin word “Socios” means companionship or association and Latin word “Logos” means study or science. So, the term literally means study of companionship or that of human association.

Definition of Sociology

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