Post date: 01/05/2016 - 02:26

Racism stems when one ethnic groups tries to dominate and eliminate the other one on the basis of differences in hereditary and other grounds. Racism came into existence in the West during the modern era. There are no clear evidences when or how it began in other cultures or even in Europe before the middle ages.

Racial Discrimination
Post date: 12/23/2015 - 09:55

Racial discrimination is a situation in which a person is treated less favorably than another because of race, national/ethnic origin, color, or immigrant status. There have been cases of racial discrimination in which you treat someone unfavorably because that person has been married to someone from a different race or color.

Post date: 12/21/2015 - 02:15

The establishment, expansion, maintenance and acquirement of a colony in a territory using the political power of another territory is known as colonialism. It can also be referred to a set of unfit relationships between a colony and colonial power. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary It is "something characteristic of a colony" and "control by one power over a dependent area or people

Post date: 12/18/2015 - 07:33

Human migration is different compared to the animal migration. It is the movement of people from one place to another to seek permanent or semi-permanent residence. The movement usually happens across the political boundary. It could be a semi-permanent movement, if you are a seasonal farm laborer. The movement can be voluntary and involuntary.

Post date: 12/16/2015 - 23:11

Usually Gender violence is referred to the violence against women but it is not just females that become a victim of the oppression, even men are inflicted by it. This violence rises due to the inequalities between men and women. The violence occurs as a result of normative role expectations which are associated with the gender (male/female).

Post date: 12/15/2015 - 05:38

In American 28% men and 35% women have experienced domestic abuser for example physical, mental, stalking or rape by close partner in their life time.  However globally women are commonly facing such violence. According to research there is a direct correlation between level of gender equality in a country and actual rate of domestic violence.

Post date: 11/12/2015 - 03:35

When a person is treated less favorably than another on the basis of his age, then this situation is known as age discrimination. People encounter this situation mostly in workplaces but in the normal routine, it can be a situation of harassment.

Post date: 11/12/2015 - 02:32

Illegal Immigration is the type of migration in which people cross the national borders by violating the immigration laws of that country. No matter how strict the rules are, many people eventually manage to come to the United States in an illegal way. There are millions of immigrants living in the country these days who have crossed the borders illegally.


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