Limitations and Disadvantages of Unitary Form of Government

Sun, 02/10/2013 - 06:30 -- Umar Farooq

Disadvantages of Unitary Form of Government

Following are the limitations, demerits and disadvantages of unitary state or government

Fails in Multi-Racial States

The states of vast areas and multi-races cannot effectively be controlled or governed by the unitary form of government. Such unitary states are unstable because of racial conflicts that can be controlled only by a federal form of government. Large states cannot be run through unitary set-up for in unitary system the whole state powers are in the grip of central government that has no access to far-plunged rural areas. Therefore unitary system is ineffective in multi racial states and states having vast area.

Urban Supremacy

Central government has no knowledge of the problems and needs of the far rural areas. Remote rural areas can be dealt effectively by the federal or decentralized system. Centralization of authority is itself a problem and unitary system often causes totalitarianism. It is the government of the urban people where state administration is practically in the control of the urban citizens. Government services and influence is always confined to cities. This government has less influence and control in rural areas and such areas are deprived of the state fruits.

Despotism in Government

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