Jurisprudence and Sociology

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 02:06 -- Umar Farooq

Jurisprudence and Sociology

Sociology is defined as “the study of a man in a society and cover each and every aspect related to man.

One of the main features upon man in a society is 'law'. The thinking about law by a sociologist and a sociologist and a lawyer has different approaches towards law. The former thinks about the effects of law upon society:

  • To what extent it is being observed.
  • To what extent it is not observed.
  • The cases of its non-observance and
  • The effects of such nonobservance upon society, man is a particular society

As where law is ineffective, creates negative effects upon human mind. The feelings of insecurity and fear among people, but if the law is observed by the people and the guilty to punish according to law, creates positive effects and people like to obey it, because it is in Their best interest. They feel their life, property, reputation secured, but the latter, the lawyer thinks the law only as it is with its rules and branches but does not inquire about its effects upon man.

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