Jurisprudence - Meaning, Definition and Branches of Jurisprudence

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Meaning of Jurisprudence

Where there is a systemize branch of knowledge its science comes into existence, since law is a systemized branch of knowledge, it is a science. The name of the science is Jurisprudence. This word has its roots in the Latin word "Jurisprudentia". Juris means law and prudentia meaning knowledge. Thus jurisprudence is knowledge of law or skill in law. It is the `science of legal principles and philosophy of law which includes the entire, system of legal doctrine.

Definitions of Jurisprudence

Austin Jurisprudence Definition

In the words of Austin Jurisprudence is concerned with positive law i.e. "positivism" which means that laws are commands. The second meaning is that the, law as "it is" actually laid down has to be kept separate from the law that "ought to be".

Salmond Jurisprudence Definition

According to Salmond Jurisprudence is the science of law", here law stands for law of land. In this sense it has three kinds i.e.

  • Systematic jurisprudence. Existing actual legal system in past or in present.
  • Legal History. Process of historical development.
  • Legislation. To set forth law, as it ought to be.

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