Students or Learner Centered Curriculum

Thu, 07/12/2012 - 11:29 -- Umar Farooq

Learner Centered curriculum the center of interest is the learner. The students are given more importance in this type of curriculum design. Most of the education experts and educational psychologists are in favor of this learner centered curriculum. First of all Rousseau emphasized that education should be according to the interests of the child. He should be provided a free and democratic environment. The interest of the child should be a base for the curriculum design. Learner centered design emphasizes individual development and their approach to organizing the curriculum merges from the needs, interests and purposes of students. Dewey's contribution in this respect is an important one. He organized so many child centered activity programmes. These programmes were based on the scientific study of child's mental, physical, social and spiritual characteristics and needs.

Principles of Students Centered Curriculum

The following are the principles of learner centered curriculum.

  • Freedom to develop naturally
  • The teacher role is that of a guide
  • Interest is the motive of all work
  • Scientific study of pupil development
  • Co-operation between the school and home to meet the needs of child-life

Characteristics of Learner Centred Curriculum

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