What is Interview Method, Definition & Objectives

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 00:38 -- Umar Farooq

What is Interview Method

Every individual in our daily life meet with other and discuss something with him. This is the process of interview b/w interviewer and interviewee. The daily conversation b/w patient and doctor or student and teacher are the examples of interview. In interview the investigator and the respondents set together and they exist a face to face conversation between the two for a specific purpose. Interview is a process of meet with interviewee either by telephone or face to face conversation to discuss some purposeful thing.

Definition of Interview

  1. P.V. Young: A scientific method through which a person enters into the life of a stranger.
  2. Good & Hatt: Interview a close face to face conversation or a dialogue between the investigator or interviewer and interviewee. OR It is a process of social interaction between interviewer and interviewee.
  3. Kerlinger: A face to face interpersonal situation in which one ask questions from the other to get answer about a social problem.

In simple words we can say that interview is a verbal communication or two way conversation between two persons like interviewer and interviewee to get information’s about a problematic situation.

Objectives of Interview

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