Advantages & Disadvantages of Case Study Method of Data Collection

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 04:35 -- Umar Farooq

Advantages of Case Study Method of Data Collection

Following are the advantage of case study Method

  1. Intensive Study. Case study method is responsible for intensive study of a unit. It is the investigation and exploration of an event thoroughly and deeply.
  2. No Sampling. It studies a social unit in its entire perspectives. It means there is no sampling in case study method.
  3. Continuous Analysis. It is valuable in analyzing continuously the life of a social unit to dig out the facts.
  4. Hypothesis Formulation. This method is useful for formulation of hypothesis for further study.
  5. Comparisons. It compares different type of facts about the study of a unity.
  6. Increase in Knowledge. It gives the analytical power of a person to increase knowledge about a social phenomena.
  7. Generalization of Data. Case study method provides grounds for generalization of data for illustrating statistical findings.
  8. Comprehensive. It is a comprehensive method of data collection in social research.
  9. Locate Deviant Cases. The deviant cases are these units which behave against the proposed hypothesis. So, it locate these deviant cases. The tendency is to ignore them but are important for scientific study.
  10. Farming Questionnaire or Schedule. Through case study method we can formulate and develop a questionnaire and schedule.

Disadvantage of Case Study Method of Data Collection

Case study method has the following disadvantages

  1. Limited Representatives. Due to as narrow focuses a case study has limited representatives and generalization is impossible.
  2. No Classification. Any classification is not possible due to studying a small unit.
  3. Possibility of Errors. Case study method may have the errors of memory and judgment.
  4. Subjective Method. It is a subjective method rather than objective.
  5. No Easy and Simple. This method is very difficult and no layman can conduct this method.
  6. Bias Can Occur. Due to narrow study the discrimination & bias can occurs in the investigation of a social unit.
  7. No Fixed Limits. This method is depend on situation and have no fixed limits of investigation of the researcher.
  8. Costly and Time Consuming. This method is more costly and time consuming as compare to other methods of data collection.

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