Marketing Plan Outline

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A particular company marketing plan usually starts with an overall objective. A good example of marketing plan is the objective of a company is to increase sales and profits by ten percent in the current year. Another objective of a particular company may be to add five new products in the company's product line or to modify existing products by adding new features and attributes. Once the desired objectives are set, then company should outline those ways by which the company plans to achieve those desired objectives. Following are the key elements of a marketing plan outline fromat. I would here discuss each.

Executive Summary

The executive summary should include the company’s goals and objectives and also the overall challenge which your company will face while achieving selected goals & objectives. Executive summary also provides overall information that how you company plan to attract the attention of targeted customers to your business or the product you sell.  The outline of executive summary should include sub-bullets for goals and objectives, company mission and summary of the company. Also ensure that your desired marketing objectives are smart, which means:marketing plan outline marketing notes

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic and
  5. Timely

Situation Analysis

The situation analysis describes the current status of the business. The main objective of situation analysis is to show where your company is now compared to where you want it to be after implementing the plan. This section includes the following:

  1. Company analysis
  2. Customer analysis
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Environmental analysis and
  5. SWOT analysis

So this phase requires information about the targeted customer, company’s competitors, environmental forces and the business itself. For example, company analysis consists of a description of your company and your market share. Competitor analysis includes the market position of competitors, their market share, strengths and weaknesses. And at last your outline must also include a SWOT analysis.

template of marketing plan

Market Segments

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