Different Pricing Strategies in Marketing Adopted by Companies

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 03:23 -- Gulzar Ahmed

Pricing is most important part of a company marketing mix strategies. Pricing can help or hinder a company products or services sale. Every company sell either a product or a service, and all companies have to choose the price to sell their products or services at, which is difficult choice than most people realize.

Pricing can be defined as the process of determining what a company will receive from its customers in exchange for the products or services it sells. It is very important for a company to manage its pricing strategies in allegiance with the requirements of industry in which company operates, the markets in which company supply its products, the customers with whom company transact and the objectives that company wants to achieve. Ultimately every company exists to make money, so the general aim of pricing strategies is to maximize the profit that the company can make.

Different Types of Pricing Strategies

Following are some types of pricing strategies that can be adopted by a company to achieve its goals in accordance with its business nature.

New Product Pricing Strategies

Many companies design new products or often some sorts of services first time in the market. In this case company adopts two type of pricing i.e. Market skimming price and Market penetrating price. But companies face some difficulties to set the price for its products and services for the first time.  Top level management of the company considers many factors and decides either to go with marketing skimming price or market penetrating price. I am discussing both in detail.

1. Market Skimming Prices strategy

Skimming pricing strategy adopted by a company which enters into the market with a new and innovative product. Price skimming allows a company to market its new or innovative product at a reasonably high price, as initially company does not have competitors' concerns. However, skimming pricing is a short- term pricing strategy because competitors gradually enter in the market with their substitute products. Then company needs to initial high price of the product needs adjustment in allegiance with the make adjustments allegiance with the market conditions, for maintaining its market share.

The best example is manufacturers of digital watches who used a skimming approach in the 1970s. After entrance of other manufacturers in the market as watches were produced at a lower per unit cost, other marketing strategies and pricing approaches are implemented by initial manufacturers.

Conditions for Skimming Prices are

  1. Quality & image of product must support its price
  2. Good number of buyers should be willing to buy the product
  3. Cost of production should be low so company can generate revenue after offering high prices.
  4. There should be no competitors who can broke down the high prices

2. Market Penetration Pricing Strategy

Penetration pricing strategy is adopted by a company who is heading towards the launch of a new product that is already available in the market. it gets difficult for company to secure a reasonable market share as customer loyalty, once developed, it is difficult to exploit. So penetration pricing allows a company to market its product at such a lower competitive price, through which company can secure some of the market share and also exploit the loyal customers of its competitors. This strategy is effective in gaining the market share and helps in attracting a large number of buyers. This approach was initially used by Sky TV and France Telecom as they offered free telephones or satellite dishes at discounted or lower rates in order to attract more people for their services.

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