Horizontal Integration Definition, Example, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Horizontal Integration Definition

Horizontal integration is the process of integrating with the competitors or leading business that provides same goods or services. Integration may be done either by merging (joining of two companies to make one) or by acquiring (purchase of another company). Horizontal Integration is a strategy that helps the expansion of a business to a profitable level. This form of expansion is contrast to vertical integration. The main purpose of Horizontal Integration is to increase the product level, grow the size and name of the company.  HI Strategy is considered effective when

  • Industries are growing
  • Company possess more resources, competencies and capabilities from competitors
  • The company can manage merger & acquisition with its resources

what is horizontal integration meaning & exapmples

Examples of Horizontal Integration

Company Action

Companies Involved in HI













Advantages of Horizontal integration

Higher Efficiency

Since the companies work together, they yield more services or products. However it cost less to purchase an existing product than to start another one from score. Horizontal integration becomes more profit when the company grows in size. Cost of developing is less when compared to total income. This helps the company to save money and increase profits. They also have more strength over supplier and distributor. It reduces the competitor.


Economies of Scale

Economies of scale give expense-playing point to the companies through extension of their product yield. The point when products are prepared in bigger amounts, the normal expense for every unit decreases; in this manner we expand the productivity of the company. Incorporating evenly furnishes the companies with more extensive access to diverse unreached markets, bringing about an increment sought after of their product. Achieving to economies of scale by HI can help the company to accomplish require imposing business model and ignore from the business sector.

Economics of Scope

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