Comparison of Departmentation, Decentralization and Delegation

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 10:48 -- Umar Farooq

According to Franklin G Miller "department is a work group performances certain word. It is a division, branch, or area under the direction of man”. Departmentalization is a process of dividing the whole of enterprise into groups and sub-groups. But decentralization refers to a decision on authority so as to diffuse the authority in a manner in which it is helpful in effective operation of the activities of the enterprise.

Delegation on the other hand refers to conferring of authority on other to help him accomplish his assigned task satisfactory. It may mean

  1. Assigning of work, and
  2. Giving of an authority to accomplish the assigned takes

Form the above it is clear that the three terms which seems to be identical are not the same in technical sense. Departmentation is a process of grouping and sub-grouping. This is the first task and does not directly relate either to decentralization or to delegation. Decentralization, however, is a diffusion of authority within the entire enterprise and also within a department. It relates to positions characterized by organization for better management. How far they are contracted, making them depended tor a decision on their superiors.

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