Encoding and Decoding in Communication Process

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 02:18 -- Umar Farooq

The communication process is basically depends on the following

  1. Encoding &
  2. Decoding

Meaning of Encoding in communication

Literally encoding means to convert body of information from one system to another system in the form of codes. Code is the system of symbol, sign or letters used to represent the secret meaning. According to John Fiske, coding is “consist of both signs and rules that determine that how and in what context these signs are used and how they can be combined to form more complex messages”.

Coding stand for the full ledged system of meaning to the members of the culture or sub culture. It must be also noted that code and system are inter related with each other. The effective communication process can be easily understood from the following diagram.

In the above process the encoder or source gives people shape to the message, idea or information or we can say that he encode his message in a proper way in his mind and then he send it to destination or receiver. Then the receiver interprets the message according to his own mental level and experience. From the above statement, it is clear that without the source there is no concept of communication. So it is the most important element.

But however, it must be very much simple and clear so that the receiver may easily understand the statements or feelings of receiver.

Meaning of Decoding in Communication       

It has been observed that communication process is continuous. There is no end in it, because the one encodes the message and the other decodes the message.

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