Elements of News are Immediacy, Prominence, Drama, Oddity & Conflict

Sat, 09/12/2015 - 03:44 -- Umar Farooq

News is a piece of information about an event that would be a matter of interest for a large number of readers. History never actually repeats, but it does seem to repeat tendencies. Similarly, news stories never duplicate each other, but they do have a way of falling into definite categories. Analyzing them as we read them from day to day or listen to them as they come over through difference source of news like radio, TV or newspaper. We can easily distinguish elements of news interest which recur constantly. Sometimes a news story will contain several of these interest provoking news elements but sometimes one.

9 Elements of News

There are nine elements of news which enhance the news value.


Immediacy or timeliness is an important requisite of news. A reporter usually places emphasis on the latest angles of, an event. The words 'today' and 'tomorrow' are related in most of the news stories. Occasionally a story may concern events that happened in the past. In this case, the reporter discusses some present aspect of a past event.


Proximity or nearness refers to geographic nearness. Normally a reader is more interested in an event geographically nearer than the one which has taken place in some remote part of the world.


A reporter should emphasize the angle of a story that will interest most readers, listeners or viewers in terms of consequences.


Prominence means persons, places, things and situations known to the public for their weather, social position, achievement or previous publicity. The reporter should always add as many prominent names and places in news stories, as possible. The more renowned a particular name, place event or situation, the more interest the news will create among its readers.


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