Non Formal Education (NFE)

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 00:22 -- Umar Farooq

NFE Meaning & Importance

To reconcile with the rapid growth and improvement of educational standard quantitatively and qualitatively, NEE is engaging the foremost attention of all nations of the world. The natural outcome of the profusion and emergence of Modern knowledge the influenced the educational trends to use education as a social, political and economic tool for survival. Educational systems of the countries reflect the quality and development of nations. It attracts people to acquire new knowledge and skills, particularly in science which doubles itself every decade. Under these conditions, the experts in pedagogical sciences are always exploring the new venues of education for pacing with the demands and challenges of the future. The very obvious and prompt response to this demand is to expand the system of education or to find out the alternate of formal System.

It was realized that the global changing circumstances demanded abrupt changes in the formal system but due to its structural frame work it failed to fulfil the roles recognized above. Naturally, the growing minds do not wait for the system to modify, therefore, it gave birth to international movement which manifested itself in different ways in different nations according to their own cultural, political and economical factors.

You have learnt in the foregoing pages of this unit about the 'in-formal' and 'formal' modes of education, but the changing scenario, dynamic and revolutionary need based education through traditional approaches can hardly be achieved, Eventually, non-formal education emerged as one of the alternatives of the formal system of education.

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