Characteristics of a Successful Student

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 23:01 -- Umar Farooq

Mostly students promoted to different colleges have no idea how to cope with new educational environment to be successful in studies and co-curricular activities. They only believe in bundle of marks in the examination and attend the class and lectures on regular basis.
Most Teachers in the class room have a clear idea about good and bad student. Furthermore, it is not necessary that good student should be the most brilliant and intelligent in the classroom.
Blow you will find important characteristics of a good student, which narrate the secrets of successful student what should he does and how a teacher wants him to look like. After knowing these characteristics you will have a clear idea student behaviors in the classroom and overall educational environment. Well, these are tips and guidelines to help you to become a successful student.

  1. They should attend the classes on regular basis. They should read the class on time and pay attention to the lecture. In case of missing a session they should interact with class teacher and assure to get all the missed session notes or assignment from class teacher and students.
  2. For the students it is advantage if accept extra credit opportunities in the class. It shows that they want to improve their grades as well as to improve their overall personality. They participate in quizzes, speeches etc.
  3. Knowledge is boundless and striving for knowledge is a sign of good learner. They really like questioning in the class room for those questions can’t answer. They don’t satisfy until have a complete command on topic.
  4. They pay attention in the classroom, remain calm and don’t stare out windows. They really love to participate thought their attempt may be clumsy and wrong. They ask questions to cover all aspects of the topic.
  5. Successful students communicate with teachers on regular basis and discuss the different assignments, tests and upcoming papers which help to improve the grades. They should have a meaningful conversation with instructor. They should tell the teacher that they are a part of learning process and they will accept any challenge offered.
  6. If it comes to assignment, successful students are always ahead to complete the task. They do some research on topic and make it in a presentable way, which reflect their concern for learning in the class. They try their best to complete all tasks whether the result is good or bad.

Last but not the least student should prepare for future. Student should have ambitious in dreams. He must possess skills lead the dreams to reality. They should be practice and realistic in life. Don’t afraid from the word failure and overcome weaknesses to achieve goals.

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