Advantages & Disadvantages of Co Education System

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 10:34 -- Gulzar Ahmed

Coeducation is also know is "mixed sex education" is the combination of both male students and female student in same place and environment. The trend is getting much popularity amongst the many countries of the world like Pakistan and India. Co education is a better system of education already very much common in the western world but now it is being adopted by almost all countries of the world. This system has many pros and cons based on the way it is being adopted, implemented and utilized in the educational institutions like schools, college and universities.

Here in this article I will debate on  "is co-education is good or bad for our generation"?

Advantages of Co education System

Mutual Understanding

In coed system males and females studies together they can better understand each other and greatly helps individuals to become used to of such environment where both male and females work together, so such individual can work more comfortably in mix environments. This mutual understanding prepares the students for that work environment in which they have to work shoulder to shoulder with the opposite sex.

Increase Confidence Level

It increases the confidence level of both males and females while they study with opposite gender. If it is being done in schools and colleges from the very initial level then it plays an important role in the grooming of the personality of both genders students. If a student not promoted to next class through coeducation system he/she feels hesitation when in work environment they are exposes to opposite sex for the every first time. So if such hesitation eliminated at very basic level then both the males and females get used to of working with each other in their upcoming careers.

Controlled Environment

When boys and girls both studied in same school, college the environment becomes very much controlled. This within the limits environment keeps both males and females students to behave properly, avoid misuse of language as well as unethical activities. So coeducation can plays an important role in altering the behavior of students as well as it also modifies the nature and respect for the both genders.

Disadvantages of Co education System

Low Concentration

In the early stages of adulthood amateur school students concentration diverted from their studies and they usually involve themselves in other activities which actually results due to the attraction of the opposite sex. This potential risk might affect the educational career of the males and females students at very initial level which can make the foundations very weak.

Unethical Activities

Students usually get involve in unethical activities and sometime even involve in to crimes. These unethical activities at very young age of students may include the flirts, affairs, physical relationships and other serious crimes might include the sexual harassment and rape which might destroy the lives of the involved students.

Besides coeducation advantages and disadvantages, administration of institutes especially schools and colleges should have a tight check and balance system. This proper check and balance will result in better grooming of students and it will prevent the misuse of co-educational system then we can say the coeducation is a better system of education.

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