Advanced Management Program by Harvard Business School

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All sort of the management in the world is done by leaders. Some people are leaders inherently while other people become leaders through training and learning. If you have any connection with business world you probably know that intensity of global competition increasing day by day and many successful companies are trying to transfer the leadership skills and global vision in their executives to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Nowadays many management and business institutes are offering different advance management programs. Harvard Business School by Harvard University is considered one of the best business schools in the world. This institute offers many management programs. A well-known program is Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program (AMP). The AMP enhances a leader’s ability to build and manage a high-performing organization that can tackle with any change and make new innovations according to customers demand. By the help of Harvard advanced management program you will become capable to exploring the financial factors which shapes the world economy, and you will also gain new strategies for efficiency, productivity and for earning profit in any global climate.

It may take many years of on-the-job training to groom business executive to take responsibilities of global leadership. The Advanced Management Program accelerates provides an exceptional opportunity for both personal and professional growth of executives and this empowers a leader to think broadly, and gain competitive edge for his/her organization.

Benefits of Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program

Following are the key benefits of Harvard AMP Program:

  1. You will acquire the knowledge, competencies and skills to by which you can get future growth and more profitability for your organization.
  2. Expand your skills and knowledge about extraordinary financial factors and external forces related with global competition
  3. You will know deeply about specific conditions emerging in current markets and about rapidly developing economies
  4. Enhance your leadership skills  and approaches and learn to apply the right technique to any unique business challenge
  5. Learn about emerging challenges in business world such as ethics, governance and sustainability
  6. Explore complex relationship between business, social and environmental conditions
  7. You will learn the intensive process of self-assessment and goal-directed planning and this will improve your performance as well as will give you success and satisfaction
  8. Learn and acquire the latest business tools and frameworks designed which will greatly help you in formulating a winning competitive strategy
  9. Harvard AMP Will increase your confidence level and you will learn how to inspire the effective decision making across the organization
  10. expand your analytical and strategic skills by which you will develop better judgment
  11. provide a great opportunity to join the HBS Alumni network of more than 78,000 successful global executives

Curriculum of Harvard Advanced Management Program

This Harvard business school program will requires eight intensive weeks. In this time duration you will get the opportunity to work with a diverse group of senior executives and you will be engage daily with the world-renowned HBS faculty. This highly structured and deeply personalized advanced management program also delivers the 360-degree feedback as well as one-on-one coaching.  This program will greatly help you in both, career development and organizational development.

Below are the course outlines of AMP:

  1. Building competitive & strategic advantage through operations.
  2. How to leading in the Global Economy after learning about business, government and the international economy.
  3. The basics of corporate financial management.
  4. Corporate and leadership accountability.
  5. Organizational leadership for managing innovation process and organizational effectiveness.
  6. Mastering the power of marketing (segmenting, targeting, positioning).
  7. High level business communication and negotiation.
  8. Setting competitive as well as corporate strategy for organizational success.

Eligibility criteria for Harvard Advanced Management Program

This advance management program is designed for an elite group of senior executives with proven track records in business leadership.

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