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Post date: 10/30/2014 - 23:53

The Public Service Commission was initially set up in 1926, in British India. After independence in 1947, this Commission was established in Pakistan under the provision of Government of India Act, 1935. Nowadays, this commission is operating under article 242 of Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s constitution.  Commission has been provided autonomy in its working under Federal Public Service Commission FPSC regulations and business rules.

Post date: 10/27/2014 - 23:12

If you decided to appear in the any competitive exam like CSS, PMS, PCS, or recruitment or entrance tests of NTS or GRE then here you will find best solution.  Here you will have suggestions from toppers of competitive exams as well as from a principal of an officer academy. In this article I will share 20 best tips which will really assist the people who are intending to appear in any competitive exams.

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