Educational Psychology

Post date: 04/03/2015 - 00:32

Learning is modification of behavior through experience. There is a sort of interaction always going on between individual and his environment, both influencing and changing each other. He inherits only a few fixed patterns of responses. His interest, attitude, appreciation, skills and achievements are primarily the product of learning.

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Gestalt psychology introduced by Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang Kohler in 1922. It is revolt against Stimulus Response approach to learning. It pointed out two weakness in the theory of conditioning. The Gestalt School made a strong attack on Thorndike’s theory of trial and error and asserted learning was not stamping-in of correct responses through trials and errors.

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Educational psychology is the applied branch of psychology. It consist of the application of psychological principles and techniques to human behavior in educational situations to the development of educational strategies and programs, problems and solutions.

Post date: 02/18/2013 - 08:51

The followings are the main features and characteristics of emotions, Emotional Experiences are Associated with Some Instinct or Biological Drives For example you get angry or worried because of something. All this is biological and instinctive emotional reactions.

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Emotion is the all around state of the organism marked by increased bodily activity and strong feelings directed to some subject. One of the basic aims of education is to develop a sound and stable personality of an individual in order to enable him or her to live healthy social life.

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In our daily life we attribute certain words to a specific person, like honest, aggressive, dull, intelligent etc. These attributes are commonly called traits. So every person has his/her own unique traits or attributes.

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The following guidelines can help educators to cope and deal with individual differences, Knowledge of Individual Personality, Adjustment in Curriculum, Adjustment of Method of Teaching and individualizing instructions

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Teacher is th one who acts as a filed worker in the educational programme. It is the teacher who has to make the programme successful or failure. "A good teacher is a powerful and abiding influence in the formation of character".


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