Programmed Instruction Method Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Definition of Programmed Instruction Method of Teaching

Program instruction method of teaching is an autocratic and individualized strategy. It is based on psychological principles of operant condition. The response of the learner are strictly controlled by the programmer.

Meaning of Programmed Instruction

Its main focus is to bring desirable change in the cognitive domain of the learner’s behavior. The structure of teaching method is that the selected content is analyzed and broken into smaller elements. Each element is independent and complete in itself. The programmer develops frames based on each element. Responses are also provided to the learner in the program on some different leaflets. The correct response of the learner is the new knowledge or new behavior. Immediate confirmation of correct response provides reinforcement to the learner and he proceeds to the next frame. Wrong responses required feedback. Physical presence of the teacher is not necessary. He may come to give instructions regarding the program. Students are left for learning at their own pace.

Types of Programmed Instruction

There are three types of this teaching strategy

  1. Linear Programming. It is being used for teaching all subjects. In programed teaching strategy progressive chain elements are presented. Last step is at the mastery level. It is based on five fundamental principles.
  1. Small steps
  2. Active responding
  3. Immediate confirmation
  4. Self-pace
  5. Student testing
  1. Branched Programming. It is generally used in mechanical fields.
  2. Mathematics. Retrogressive chain of elements is presented. First step is the master level while the last step is the simplest element.

Advantages of Programmed Instruction

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