Heuristic Method of Teaching Meaning, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Heuristic Method of Teaching

The term “Heuristic” refers to Armstrong who was the exponent of this strategy. Pollion and Dankar (1945) called it “problem solving”. It is based on the psychological principles of "trial and error" theory. Logical and imaginative thinking are perquisites for his type of teaching strategy. It is an economical and speedy strategy.

Meaning of Heuristic Method of Teaching

A problem is placed before the learners and they are asked to find the solution of the problem through various literacy means, like library, laboratory, and workshops etc. Teacher’s role is to initiate the learning and pupils are active throughout the learning process. By using their creative thinking and imaginative power, they try to find out the relevant solutions based on some logic. They learn by self-experience. This teaching strategy is focused on:

  1. To develop problem solving attitude
  2. To develop scientific attitudes towards the problem
  3. To develop power of self-expression

It basic principles are:

  1. To each as little as possible at one time
  2. To encourage learner to learn himself as much as possible

Advantages of Heuristic Teaching Method

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