Audio Visual Aids in Education, Definition, Types & Objectives

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Audio Visual Aids are also called instructional material. Audio literally means “hearing” and “visual” means that which is found by seeing. So all such aids, which endeavor to make the knowledge clear to us through our sense are called “Audio Visual Aids” or Instructional Material. All these learning material make the learning situations as real as possible and give us firsthand knowledge through the organs of hearing and seeing. Therefore, any device which can be used to make the learning experience more concrete and effective, more realistic and dynamic can be considered audio visual material.

We learn through our sense organs. Senses are the ways of knowledge. All the sense organs help us in understanding the environment. Most of the knowledge, which we acquire from the school, comes through our ears and eyes.

Audio Visual Aids Definition

According to Burton. These are sensory objectives and images which stimulate and emphasis on learning process. Carter V. Good. It is a trainable (motivation, classification and stimulation) process of learning.

Objectives of Teaching Aids

  1. To enhance teachers skills which help to make teaching-learning process effective
  2. Make learners active in the classroom
  3. Communicate them according to their capabilities
  4. Develop lesson plan and build interest
  5. To make students good observer
  6. Develop easy and understandable learning material
  7. Follow child cornered learning process
  8. Involve intimation in objectives
  9. To create interest in different groups
  10. To make teaching process more effective


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