Advantages and Disadvantages of Simulated Teaching Method

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 07:28 -- Umar Farooq

Advantages of Simulated Teaching Method

Cruick Shank has described the following advantages of simulated Teaching Method

  1. Student-teachers are helped in a variety of ways through simulated training. It helps in developing self-confidence among them.
  2. This technique helps in linking theory with practice of teaching.
  3. Student-teachers are given an opportunity to study and analyze critical teaching problems.
  4. Student-teacher understand the behavioral problems of the classroom and develop insight to encounter them.
  5. Simulated training provides feedback to student teachers to modify their behavior.
  6. It helps in developing social skills like social manners and etiquettes among the student-teachers.
  7. There is self-monitoring in simulated-training. It reinforces the student-teachers for the desired behavior.
  8. It helps in developing efficiency in student- teachers and in predicting consequences of teaching before going to actual classroom
  9. As a result of role-playing, it helps in the development of critical-thinking in student-teachers.

Disadvantages of Simulated Teaching Method

Following the limitations of simulation in teaching

  1. In simulation role-playing is done in artificial situations which are un-psychological and impracticable.
  2. Simulation is like socio-drama or sort of gaming, which reduces seriousness of learning.
  3. No emphasis is given on teaching skills or content-taught only the social behavior is considered.
  4. It requires the supervision by training personnel which are generally not available or not devoted to their duties.
  5. Simulation attempts to portray the real situations in a simple way, which in general, are very complex and difficult.

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