The President of United States of America

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 03:58 -- Umar Farooq

The government of the USA is of the Republican type. This implies that the head of State is a President. He is not only the head of State but also the Chief Executive. The constitution clearly lays down that all executive authority belongs to him. He is the head of the executive in name as well as in fact.

Presidential Election (in Theory)

U.S President is elected for a 4 years term. The constitution of USA says that the President will be elected indirectly by an Electoral College consisting of the representatives of the States. The people of each state elect presidential electors equal to the number of the Congressmen each state has in Congress. The electors meet, in each state on fix dates and vote for the President and Vice-President: All the votes are sealed and send to Washington D.C. The President of the Senate counts the votes in the presence of the Congressmen. A candidate who secures a majority of the electoral votes cast for the. President is declared elected. To win the election a candidate must obtain 270 electoral votes. No candidate secure a clear majority of votes for the President, the member, of the House of Representatives chooses the President from among the first three candidates who have received the highest number of electoral votes.

Election in Practice

So according to the American constitution the President is elected indirectly but actually he is the direct choice of the people. The framers of the constitution wanted the President to he elected indirectly hut the development of party system has defeated their intention. The candidates for Presidency, Vice-Presidency and electors are nominated by political parties. The electors are pledged to vote for their party nominee for the presidential office. They do not have a free hand in the choice of the President. As it is known before hand for which candidate each elector will vote, the result the presidential election is known when the results of the electors are declared.

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