Supreme Court of the United States of America

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Supreme Court of USA

The Supreme Court of the USA is the highest judicial tribunal in the federation. The constitution of America vests all the judicial powers of the federation in this court and other inferior courts to be established by the Congress. The number of judges of the Supreme Court has not been fixed by the constitution. Formerly there were 6 judges, but now there are 9, including the Chief Justice although the number can be increased or decreased as and when necessary by the law of the Congress. The number of judges has stayed at 9 for the last fifty years. President Roosevelt wanted the Congress to increase the number of judges to 15 but the Congress refused to oblige.

Appointment of Supreme Court Judges

Like all other high-ranking appointments, the judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President with the consent of the Senate. The Senate confirms the nomination of the President after a good deal or scrutiny. The Judiciary Committee of the Senate makes a careful examination of nomination made by the President. The report submitted by the Committee is: then considered by the Senate as a whole. When 2/3rd majority of the members of Senate give their approval the President issues the commission. As a result of this procedure, the judges of the Supreme Court have been with a few exceptions lawyers of distinction and men of a great caliber although no regular qualifications are prescribed by the constitution of America.

The judges once appointed enjoy perfect security of service. They hold office during good behavior and cannot be removed except by impeachment. Their salaries and emoluments cannot be altered during the course of their service to their disadvantage. No age of retirement is fixed by the constitution. A convention has been established that if a judge has reached the age of 70 rand has serves on the Court for a period of 10 years, he must retire. After retirement, the judges get full pay and are still considered to be federal judge.

Power of US Supreme Court

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