What is Computer - Definition & Basic Concept of Computer

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Simply speaking computer is a calculating device. The name is derived from the Latin word computare meaning "to compute", and can be applied as properly to an abacus or an adding machine as to the modern computer. However, the concept of computer has come to mean a special type of programing machine having some basic characteristics.

  1. Fast and reliable
  2. Receive, process and store information
  3. A multitasking machine perform quickly, accurately

What is Computer

Following are some definitions of computer which will clear your concept

  1. An electronic machine can store and process information. It is defined as stored program digital computing system.
  2. A Computer is an electronic device of wires, transistors, circuits, instructions and data can transmit, store and manipulate information.
  3. A Computer is a machine that accepts data and processes that data (data may be numbers, letters or both or even sounds). Information is turned into electrical pulses so that it may be processed by sorting, collating and deleting mathematical manipulation and other forms of data processing.

Computer System

A computer accepts information using an input device. The information is processed by a central processing unit or stored in a storage unit i.e. Hard Disk and then processed. The result is supplied by an output devices. If the input and output units are connected to a manufacturing process, the computer can control the process and the system is called a computing system.

Functions of Computer Input Storage Process & Output

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