What are the Causes of Urbanization

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What are the Causes of Urbanization

Following are the main causes of urbanization

Man’s Control of Nature

The extension of man’s power over nature has been the primary condition of the growth of modern cities. Man has exploited natural resources through technological improvements to a great extent. Now few people can supply basic needs of many people, whenever a society or group within it, gains control over resources, cities grows and fulfill the basic needs of life.


Urbanization is closely related with industrialization. After industrial revaluation, cities become important centers of commerce and production. Industrial revaluation includes invention of machinery, the development of steam power, huge capital in industrial enterprises, huge manufacturing plants etc. These are the factors which are responsible for the mobility of immovable workers. In industrialization, people get new opportunities for work in industries and earn more than rural agriculture. Big cities like Peshawar, Karachi and Faisalabad are the best examples that how industrialization caused urbanization people leave behind the rural work for the sake of high wages in industries and thus start urbanization process.


Trade and commerce also play a significant role in urban expansion. In ancient societies, there was also a type of commercialization, in which goods were distributed and commercial transactions were carried. In modern times, the development of modern marketing institutions and methods of exchange has greatly contributed to the growth of cities.

Transportation and Communication

Transportation and Communication is another reason of urbanization, Industries depends on transportation, so, that the raw materials and manufactured goods can be transferred in large volume. The cities are connected with other parts of the country. Communication facilities usually available in urban centers, such as telephones, telegraph, far, computer, wireless and postal services etc. These are the facilities due to which the people move from rural centers to cities. So, in the development of society, transport and communication play a significant role and is a best source of urbanization.

Economic Pull of the City

Cities provide more opportunities of employment and economic facilities than rural areas. So, many people move towards cities for the sake of employment. The businessmen also come to the city from the village to gain better opportunities for employment and economy.

Better Opportunities of Education

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