Social interaction, Definition, Elements, Types & Forms

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Social interaction is the basis of the whole social order. Social group is the product of social interaction. There is interaction among animals and birds also. It is the real foundation of all social processes, structure, social groups and functions. In so­ciology interaction is the gate of its knowledge.

First you should aware that What is an interaction in sociology? It is a social process between two or more than two persons. It is always reciprocal in nature. It can be called a stimulus-response condition among the individuals. It is like a bandied ball against a wall. When two persons talk with each other or respond to each other on telephone or internet, develop correspondence through letter, there is an interaction. A mother suckling milk to her child, there is interaction between mother and her child. A doctor attends a patient, a customer buys a thing from a shopkeeper and a passenger gets ticket from the booking clerk. It means interaction is social relationship among the individuals. It. is a sort of action and reaction position among the people.

Definition of Social Interaction

Dawson and Gettyes define Social Interaction as "it is a process by which men interpenetrate the minds of each other".

According to Merrill, "Social-interaction is the general process whereby two or more persons are in a meaningful contact, as a result of which their behavior is modified however slightly."

According to Corkiness. "Social interaction is such a process which influences the overt behavior or state of mind of the individuals."

Social interaction is an event which changes the behavior and attitude of the interacting persons. It is a social relationship among at least two persons. It changes the societal conditions of life of the people. Interaction is the soul of social life and relationship. It produces group which is the foundation stone of society.

Elements of Social Interaction

The following are the elements of social interaction:

  1. Two or more than two persons
  2. Reciprocal relationship among them
  3. Influence on the event, behavior, brain of the persons.

These three conditions interrelate the people among themselves and convert them into social groups.

Types of Social Interaction

According to Young and Mack there are two types of social interaction between people and societies

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