Scope of Social Demography

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 03:46 -- Umar Farooq

The scope of social demography has classified into two sections macro-demography and micro-demography. Macro-demography includes the study of systems, cultures and societies on a large scale. While the micro-demography including the individual and the family as a unit of the large society. Both types study of growth distribution and redistribution of the population at large as well as at small level. However, most of the population studies are conducted in macro-demography. The two fields are interrelated and helped each other. For example the birth rate and death rate are studied both from macro and micro level. Similarly in the case of fertility and migration both of the fields are helpful for population studies its scope is increasing day by day. Demography has made a boundary wall around the following subjects. Fertility, death rate, migration, genetic composition, population and means of survival, techniques of population, measurement and training of the demographers, distribution of population, family planning, growth of population, demographic aspects of supply of labor demographic aspect of education, demographic aspect of housing and the demographic aspect of saving and investment. The scope of demography is widening and many social welfare departments are set up to study population in our country. Its scope is further increasing by the use of computer techniques. So, demography covers all those areas of population where people living in the shape of community or society.

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