Mores in Sociology, Meaning, Definition and Examples

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Meaning of Mores

All the various forms of social norms are instruments of social control in varying degrees. The social usages, folkways regulating our behaviour, are called mores. The folkways and mores have the same source of their emergence and it is group interaction. Both are the customary ways of life and are standards of right and wrong. The people seek direction of their actions by learning these norms in group life. The difference lies in the degree of social control upon groups. Mores are more compulsory to conform than the folkways. Wearing clothes is mores and the clothes of different styles are folkways. Purdah observing for ladies used to be mores in our society but it has now been left as folkways. There are certain tribes castes and sects in our society in which it is still a mores. For example, the people of Frontier Region, some families and the people of certain castes hold it a 'must'. Most of the families living in the farmsteads and villages of Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan usually consider purdah for women as folkways. Mores determines that such item in the society holds such position and holds such value. Folkways and mores, whatever the method of social control both vary in their degree of intensity. This degree is the degree of value attached by the culture to that item.

Mores is the plural of more which means custom. Moms is from moral and refers to any act or belief in. accordance with customary group expectations. An act is moral if it is customary, immoral if it is not some examples of mores from our culture are given below:


According to R.M. Maclver and C.H. Page, "When the folkways have added to them; conceptions of group welfare, standards of right and wrong, they are converted into mores".

Gillin and Gillin say that "Those customs and group routines which are thought by the members of the society to be necessary to the group's continued existence".

As Edward Sapir has pointed out, "The term 'mores' is best reserved for those customs which connote fairly strong feelings of the tightness or wrongness of mode of behaviour".

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