Id Ego and Superego Components of Freud structure of personality

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To describe the structure of personality, Freud developed a comprehensive theory known as psycho analytic theory. According to Freud’s theory human mind (psyche) is composed of three parts, each with different functions, properties, components, operating principles, dynamics and mechanics. Freud considered human personality as composed of an id, ego and superego.

The Id

Id is the basic drives and motives with which we are born. Freud termed it as “Psycho Energy” he believed that personality of an infant consisted of only Id.

  1. True Psychic Reality. Freud called the id as true psychic reality because it represents the inner world of subjective experience and has no knowledge of the objective experience.
  2. Pleasure Principle. The principle of tension reduction by which the id operates is called the pleasure principle. Freud says that id is primitive, illogical, and irrational is governed by pleasure principle.

Two Process of the Id

In order to accomplish its aim of avoiding pain and obtaining pleasure, the id has two process at its command.

Primary Process

The primary process involves somewhat more complicated psychological reactions. It attempts to discharge tension by forming an image of an object (that will remove the tension) e.g. the mental picture of food.

Wish Fulfillment. This hallucinatory experience in which the desired object is presented in the form of a memory image is called wish fulfillment

Secondary Process

The primary process is not capable of reducing tension. A hungry person can not eat mental images of food. Consequently a new or second psychological process develops and when this occurs, the structure of the second system of personality “the ego” begins to take form.

The Ego

The ego is the executive of personality. It makes decisions, control actions and allows thinking and solving problems. It is that part of human personality which is civilized. It distinguishes between things in the mind and things in the external world. Ego is the rational part of personality which uses memory, reason, judgment, etc.

Freud Structure of Personality

Functions of Ego

The main function of ego is to meet the demand of reality. The ego comes into being because the needs of organisms require appropriate transaction with the objective world of reality. By virtue of ego, he, for example, can distinguish between a memory image of food and an actual perception of food as it exists in the real world.

Reality Testing

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