Endogamy Marriage, Definition, Causes, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Endogamy is the combination of two Greek words. Endo means “within” or “intra” and gamy means “to marry”. So, Endogamy is intra marriage or inside marriage. Therefore, endogamy is the type of marriage which takes place within the some group class, caste, family, religion, tribe etc. both the partners belong to the some class or caste. Endogamous marriage is that which is controlled by the some group.

Definition of Endogamy Marriage

According to Folsom, endogamous is the rule that one must marry within ones caste or group”. In endogamous, marriages with the same families are prohibited. In India the inter caste marriages are not socially approved and discouraged hitter also declared the marriage of Aryan and Jewish as a criminal act.

Causes of Endogamy Marraige

Following are the main causes of endogamy.

  1. Policy of Separation. Some people does not want to live with other people of outside group. They considered themselves pure while others impure. They want to live separately and so they practice endogamy.
  2. Accumulation of wealth. Some people practice endogamy the sense that the wealth do not go waste but remain within the same family. If a woman married in the same group will bring all the dower and her children to that family or group.
  3. Sense of superiority and inferiority. The people of one group considered themselves superior and others inferior. That sense of people made them to marry within the same group.
  4. Religious Differences. Religious differences also compel a person to practice endogamy. The people of one’s group considered their blood purity while that of others impurity of blood. So, they do not want to mix with them because they are religiously prohibited our religion does not allow a Muslim to marry with a Non-Muslim.
  5. Racial and cultural difference. There must occur some racial and cultural difference b/w the two groups or castes. Everyone have close relation to its own race and follow the same culture. So, these differences allow a person to practice endogamy.
  6. Geographical Separation. The people of two different groups living at a distance from one another. They are not ready to marry away from his ancestral territory which cause endogamy.

Advantages and Disadvantages Endogamy Marriage

Advantages of Endogamy

  1. It maintains the unity within the group and crates we-feeling.
  2. It maintains the purity of blood.
  3. No superiority and inferiority of the two partners upon each other.
  4. Do not leak out the economic secret.
  5. Women feel satisfaction due to the prior understanding in that family and have no new situation.
  6. The wealth goes into the same family.

Disadvantages of Endogamy

  1. It breaks down national unity and creates jealousy.
  2. The choice of partner selection is very limited in endogamy and in pukhtoon even boys are compelled to marry with their abnormal relatives.
  3. Number of relatives are limited.
  4. It creates hatred and jealousy with other groups.
  5. It creates ethnocentric behavior.

Forms of Endogamy

Generally endogamy marriage has the following forms

  1. Divisional / Tribal endogamy
  2. Caste endogamy
  3. Sub-caste endogamy
  4. Class endogamy
  5. Race endogamy

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