Domestic Violence Definition Types and Effects

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Domestic Violence DV or domestic abuse is pattern of human behavior take place in family or home where one family member abuse other member. It can also involve violence against children or children abuse their parents or siblings. Its can affect all family member men, women and children.

In American 28% men and 35% women have experienced domestic abuser for example physical, mental, stalking or rape by close partner in their life time.  However globally women are commonly facing such violence. According to research there is a direct correlation between level of gender equality in a country and actual rate of domestic violence. In some cases both the partners may have abusive behavior or one may act in self-defense.  In developed countries women are encourage to report in case of domestic violence. Mostly domestic violence against men is unreported due to social norms.

Domestic Violence Definition

When the term domestic violence (DV) is talked about, many people simply associate it with the abusive partner who hurts physically. The truth is, violence takes many forms and physical abuse is one of them. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, domestic violence defined as "the inflicting of physical injury by one family or household member on another; also: a repeated or habitual pattern of such behavior.

The intimate partner violence means violence between couple relation for example husband and wife or cohabitation etc. According to WHO IPV is “any behaviour within an intimate relationship that causes physical, psychological or sexual harm to those in the relationship”.

Types of Domestic Violence

Physical abuse. Here a person become a victim of violence resulting from slapping, stabbing, punching, drug abuse, choking and even shooting. This injury does not necessarily have to be major, it can be minor too.

Emotional abuse. This abuse can destructs your self-worth and can be the result of insult, criticism or humiliation. This is very common in relationships for example in sibling, couples etc. Emotional abuse can make the relationship extremely coercive.

Sexual abuse. It includes not just sexual assault and rape but also sexual harassment. This type of gender violence is beyond abuse. For example, if you are forced not to use the contraception, then you are being sexually abused.

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