Definition and Meaning of Kinship System

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Meaning of Kinship System

Kinship is a universal every society of the world but the classification will be different. Kinship is a network of relatives, associated by common ancestors, affinity, adoption and marriage through kinship we are able to recognize and identify the relationship that exist within the family. Kinship is a network of social relationship in which the rights and duties of relatives to one another are determined through social usages. The terms used in kinship may be different from society to society. For example in one society the husband of mother may call as papa or pita. So, in every society kinship may exists but the terminology would be different. Kinship is a term which is used for the degree of relationship of an individual to other people.

Kinship System Definitions

Different anthropologists and sociologist has defined the term in various ways.

  1. R. Brown: “Kinship is a system of dynamic relationship between person to person and the behavior of any of these persons is regulated by social usage”.
  2. Robia Fox: “Kinship is the relation between kids or relatives which are related by consanguinity to one another.
  3. Charles Winick: “Kinship system is a socially recognized relationship between persons on the basis of genealogical tie.
  4. Dr. Majundar: “In every society people are related to one another by various bonds. The most basic and universal of these bonds are those which are based on reproduction and in heritance called kinship system”.

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