It is a common thing that dissertations on technical orders require the usage of formulas. When using formulas, you must adhere to certain technical and spelling rules. Let's begin with placing the formulas in the text of the dissertation. If you do not feel like learning all the details related to formulas in dissertation, 

International law began as a system governing the relations among sovereign states and states have always been the primary legal entities affected by international law. As the global system has become more complex, however, international law has come to recognize and regulate international organizations, businesses, nonprofit entities, and individuals.

What is the legal status of international law whether international law is 'law' in the true sense or not. The question is still under hot debate among jurists. Regarding the nature of international law, some writers, like Zimmer and Willoughby are ambiguous as to whether it is a law or not. Since international law appears to control or even affect states in their actual search of 'very important national interest',

Paradigm is a Greek word which means “Example” or “Model” or “a world-view” i.e. the foundation or base of an idea or knowledge which is acceptable throughout the world and which is taken as a model. In other words, the foundations of certain concepts upon which the theories and principles are based for obtaining knowledge is a called paradigm. Positivism in Research is the approach, where each and every type of knowledge is given due consideration

The technique of feature writing is similar to the technique of any expository or narrative writing since it makes use of: 1. Introduction or a lead 2. Body of the article 3. The conclusion.. Lead is the portion an introduction to the topic under discussion is given. The list of questions whose answers are likely to be given by the feature writer is also provided. The central idea or the keynote is also introduced to the readers. This portion must be forceful enough to awake interest in readers to read the complete feature. 

Here we will discuss in detail the different types of feature stories in Journalism. these news feature types are Informatie features, Persoanlity sketch, Personal experience story, Human interest story, Historical, Interpretative feature. 

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